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About MWR Fab Ltd

We have a long family history in both construction and fabrication so it has always made sense when we need something we make it, so when we needed large concrete blocks we made the moulds, and when people see them it just grew. We understood what the industry needed and built it to a high standard to beat poor quality imports, so for the last 5 years we have dedicated our time to developing our range of standard products as well as bespoke products for our growing customer base nationwide using both pallet networks and dedicated transport services.

Best Sellers

Bespoke products

MWRFAB LTD in Millom continues to produce bespoke fabricated metal products for customers across the UK mainland. This week MWRFAB LTD has already produced and delivered four products, A Grain Bin  Concrete block moulds Soil screens 25kg bagging hopper All of the products have gone out to new and existing

On the road again

This week the team at MWRFAB Ltd have been working extra hard to get more products out to new and existing customers across the UK. MWRFAB Ltd has had the opportunity to produce twin Hoppers that are now on their way to Bristol. These hoppers are going to be used

More products added

This week at MWRFAB LTD, we have been working hard to produce newly fabricated metal products for our new and returning customers. One of the new products is a tunnel-filling hopper, and this product is already on its way to our customer in York. Once again, our concrete block moulds


MWRFAB LTD is a company in Millom producing bespoke British-made fabricated metal products.   MWRFAB LTD has a long family history in construction and fabrication, so we decided to start our own business in 2019, making everything from… hoppers grain bins forklift attachments bespoke metal products of your choice. The team

Welding products

This week MWRFAB LTD has completed a new product that is already going out for delivery to the customer. A bespoke control hopper with a vibration motor and an extra-large opening. We design fabricated metal products bespoke to your requirements and colour choice with no extra charge on top of

Fabricating Metal

There is a new product ready to be promoted by MWRFAB LTD. A 25kg handy bag hopper with vibration feed bagging plant and adjustable height and feed rate. This product will be going to a customer in Beckenham. The products going out this week include a 25kg hopper going to

New products this week

This week MWR FAB LTD has been very busy producing new products, one of which is a new starter package. This includes a tipping scoop bucket, a bagging hopper and is already on its way for delivery in London. We hope to produce more of these and advertise them on

Who are we?

MWRFAB Ltd Millom started as a small family business making their own concrete block moulds. Once people saw that these products could be produced to high-quality standards in the UK without having to import them, the business hit the ground running and has been producing fabricated metal products for customers

Block Mould deliveries

MWR Fab Ltd Millom, are leading specialist’s in fabricated metal products, delivering across Cumbria and the UK. This week MWR Fab Ltd Millom is extremely busy producing a lot of products, including 6 Hoppers, 2 Grain bins, 5 Concrete block moulds, and a scoop bucket. MWR Fab Ltd Millom have